Section 0003

     The beginning is lost.
     When the actors have left the stage, a few objects remain, a [ ] [1] which lingers in the memory, suggesting what has happened, but which, being only partial, leaves room for -
     His going and comings are like those of an ant hunting for a soft spot to bite, but he is seeking the genital cleft, and having found it, often after long and anxious explorations, he fulfills his function, falls off and dies.

     For a moment it felt like that but it was just a moment and I don’t remember what it felt like.

     The Squire went on to lament the deplorable decay of the games and amusements which were once prevalent at this season among the lower orders, and countenanced by the higher.

     Here on 20 June the sun grew dark and stars appeared for well-nigh half an hour after nine a.m. [7]

     Our bodies and minds, then, are hardly perfect technologies - And let us be forgiven for it!

     Whence came this noise? What is it about the house that makes it such a charged landscape? I beseech you sir, accept of this.
     Sacrificing care and craft and at the mercy of the clock, we have no time to reflect. There were a few persistent errors.
     I have been trying to remember you as you were before all this happened,” I say. And when I scream I am the sun an integral erection results, because the verb to be is the vehicle of amorous frenzy.