Section 0020

     A woman leans in a tenement window, we see the first glimpse of a long dead friend. And as it now is, with no tenants that one can speak of, / it’s more private than almost any place one might imagine. There are plenty of parking lots, but between their fees, the traffic, the “Thru Streets,” the “Split-Signal Phasing,” the tons of taxis, the million delivery trucks, the ubiquitous cell-phone-carrying pedestrians, and the bike messengers, it’s never worth it.

     A fine net of clustered organ notes sounded, mournful and slow. The time for spring plowing was over. At the same time, lesser emotional relationships play themselves out in the shadow of this central drama of the heart.
     Here nobody cares about me. And by hanging around your dormitory I’ve come to realize that I’m the topic of more than a little conversation, however full of ridicule it may be.

     This resulted in an increased awareness and a sensitivity to unpleasant impressions which, at times, caused him to feel disgust where others with coarser senses would have experienced pleasure.

     I’m not trying to delude you or myself, and even if you laugh again it doesn’t matter. Maybe I really shouldn’t get mad when the kids pat me on the head...after all, they mean well...     

     May I come inside? I can’t go to lunch now.

     The very question, it may be added, made him feel lonely and cold.

     I found two possums in a tree next to my apartment and took them down against their will.

     The fiction rises to the surface and quickly dissipates, following the variable motion of the writing, around the fragmentary interruptions of a central phrase, a phrase introduced from the title and continuing onward.

     A welding shop, or a plumber who has welding equipment, and the necessary plumbing experience, should be called to perform this work.