Section 0029

     “We talked of this and that, but - alas - mostly that.

     Of course, time and reflection can alter a first impression. In other words, no one is “in charge of the language, and pieces of language are taken (consciously or not from all kinds of sources). Most popular of all are the show's fake interviews, in which a reporter in London is spliced into archive footage of Iranian politicians.

     O Aristotle! if you had had the advantage of being the freshest modern instead of the greatest ancient, would you not have mingled your praise of metaphorical speech, as a sign of high intelligence, with a lamentation that intelligence so rarely shows itself in speech without metaphor - that we can so seldom declare what a thing is, except by saying it is something else?
     It is this point which is the critical one in any occult attack. What constitutes the Text is, on the contrary (or precisely), its subversive force in respect of the old classifications.

     Forgive this prattle.

     I've noticed that people are doing double-takes when they pass the booth. At this moment we heard a step upon the stairs. The old woman was a witch shadow - hair like matted spiderwebs, hooded 'round darkness of features, eyes like glittering jewels.

     Are you troubled by the cold night air? Are you troubled by the cold night air?     

     But before anything interesting can happen, the preaching commences.

     I know what the moon means, in the dream of the desert, muttering in its sleep. Television, DVD player, mattress, books, boombox, cigarettes, and CDs.

     I only mention that to show how big men with great minds, acute and sharp, may be deceived in the outcome of a great natural product.