Section 0016

     With respect to good faith, it appears that Macpherson did collect bits and pieces from oral tradition, but he assumed they were the remnants of an ancient epic tradition and accordingly did his best to put them into a unified, orderly arrangement.

     It’s too early to gauge the effects of all these measures.     

     If my father didn’t fit my ideal of what he should be in his occupation, he certainly didn’t fit my mother’s either.

     “This is Greenwich Village?”
     “I respect - ” Harry began, but Bill shook his head. That is all.

Chapter Two
In Memoriam

     There’s never a real carnival except for the shopkeepers, and then it’s deep down and secret.  Here we have ‘reverted’ to type. Video gold.
     “This is the heart of it, right?” Remove Africa and fill in the blank with any culture or community you choose.

     There is a profound asymmetry there.

     I have heard of voodoo economics; is this an example of voodoo arithmetic?