Section 0012

     Check, his mother said to herself.
     “We've had a flood, part of the ceiling's fallen down, but the walls are still filled with photos of great artists that are no longer with us, who are here in spirit.”

     I’ve made my fire and everything was white.   

     I wanted a life, a poem
     Of many places, words
     At a time,
     & I have one.

Father of the clouds
you are beautiful
at sunrise.

     With great sadness, we announce the death of Derek who passed away peacefully in Trinity Hospice on Thursday, July 9, 2009, aged 69 years. This is a model of our liquid resting world / dissolving bone and melting marrow / opening pores as wide as windows. The nightmare should have served as a warning to me that our dream could unravel. Vain and self-destructive, brilliant, well-behaved / when she isn’t being hysterical, // terrible lines are forming a conspiracy in her face / as in that ’60s song about a broken-hearted teenager, / called “The Tracks of My Tears.”

     Who among us arrives aware. Respectfulness and subordination are enacted through the ritual of summoning (knocking) and awaiting permission to enter, whereas entering without prior permission is a way of enacting equality or superiority.

     “Order me a brandy,” she replied.
     Now ask the question that is on your mind.
     “Uh…how are you?”