Section 0027

     And now her footsteps were coming down the hallway. On some little errand the dame passed into an adjoining chamber, leaving the door partly open.
     At that point, the only thing that could have thrown Walter back into the bad ways he’d felt in college, when he’d been tormented by his sense of losing to the person he loved too much not to care about beating, would have been some bizarre pathological sequence of events. But it was different now. There was sorbet.

     The inwardness and mystery of this attachment drives men of every class to the use of emblems. Of course it is beautiful but first all beauty in it is denied and then all the beauty of it is accepted.     

     “Is it a good thing to be logical?”

     In general, generalization is to lie, to tell lies. The hardest work is behind us. That’s why I gave her to you.

     This is what leads me to cross the boundaries of friendship and makes me wary of casual contacts in which I risk catching the malady of love.

     What was it she said when she was kissing his hand?
     “My greatest joys I owe to you,” she would tell me also; and she would add in an undertone: “and also my greatest sorrows: the best and the most bitter.”

     I felt sadness.

     “That was the turning point,” Severyn said.