Section 0013

     Hope deferred maketh the something sick, who said that? A police report, if obtainable.
     I just gaped at him. The ends of overheard conversations are the best.

     I was there for the termination.
     “Magnificent!” said the little doctor with enthusiasm. He nodded and we both sipped for a while in silence.

     Many a motion that is called a reflex is a sturdy trowel for the person building up his world.

     “And I presume we may now consider the incident closed?”
     No one knows what happens at the end of the journey. The heart couldn’t be the seat of the soul, for when Whytt cut the heart out of an eel, the remainder of the creature was able for some time to move about “with great force.” In a minute or two they were out in the sunshine examining the clergyman’s find.
     A phrase of Cornelius Agrippa flew through his mind and then there flew hither and thither shapeless thoughts from Swedenborg on the correspondence of birds to things of the intellect and of how the creatures of the air have their knowledge and know their times and seasons because they, unlike man, are in the order of their life and have not perverted that order by reason.
     At that point, I yawned, and the old man said he’d be going. We told each other to take it easy. He was the coordinate of her position. By the fountain.
     Nevertheless, I should have dealt with her pain earlier, in time, and not when it was all over. I felt as if the wind was being blown into me by way of a strange kiss, as if the city was breathing directly into me.