Section 0025

     That things simply happen - let us reckon with that always.

     The tutor just stood still. He was charmed with the panorama, not knowing - or at any rate not at all showing that he knew - what far other images peopled her mind than the women in the navy caps and the shopboys in the blazers.
     “Yes, I’m poeticizing.” I was assuming he must have had a visitor I didn’t know about. 
     That’s why the night won’t pass. And while White and his colleagues danced, what was going on inside the brain of that monkey?

     It is clear that we must put our own moral code to one side if we are to understand her. The whole course of history, political and social, is strewn with evidence of this fact.

     “I thought you said you knew how to turn on the lights,” I went on, accusingly. For the representatives of evil are interchangeable.

     “That’s right,” she said, still nodding hard. Then we started looking for the plastic bag and the can of gas, and now all we had to find was the place. The ocean was twenty minutes away, but there was no sign of it here.

     Pino suddenly smiled warmly.

     As we stand there observing the figures, we may see the social interactions between them but at the same time, we also observe the layers of history and social forces around these characters as evidenced in their buildings, their inventions, their appliances, their transportation, their agriculture, their efforts to tame and control nature.

     “She didn’t like it,” he said immediately. A shape invites you to fill it. It has built a cult-like following by playing on people’s frustrations. The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.