Section 0021

     He has never found out how strong he is - never had an adversary that could measure his strength.  
     You listened to the story. There’s street life going on down there. Everybody knows me. The mind’s a killjoy, if / I may say so myself, and the sun’s a star, / the red dwarf of which will finally consume us.
     “Now my day is all written down.”

     The person to whom she is speaking is myself.

     But these complexities all come from the multiple remediations of the supposedly original moment, recorded on a film that does not exist in a house that cannot be because it violates the fundamental laws of physics.
     “Yes” I said “but verse is verse and prose is prose.”

     This could also lead to a debate.

     “We need concrete plans to move this forward,” he said.
     “Cornelia Street Café?”
     “I sit there as a Bird on a Bow; I look about, and do not know where to go; let me therefore come down upon the Ground, and make that my own by a good Deed, and I shall then have a Home for ever.”