Section 0017

     Nun trat sie weiter vor, und sah die schroffe Felsenwand hinab. The change in pitch of the voice. Rap pan on table for same purpose.
     But New Jersey was actually a very cold place.

     All this is however merely a description of the phenomenon.

     emma: Somebody’s got to do something.     

     On a stone by the pool, she lays out the little bags and pipes, the red and blue and buff of heart and stomach and spleen. Bloodshed over the border is not the only measure of the damage this poisoned relationship does.

     Well, that’s what art is all about, isn’t it?
     Owners sold off their remaining assets, the majority of buildings were dismantled and reused elsewhere, and the boomtown became a ghost town. The dead eye brightened. Absolutely.
     And she wanted to hold him close because she felt she might alleviate the feeling of deep-seated loss that had woken her up. Only one thing spoils it - the odd, tinkling fade-out.
     “Happiness!” he exclaimed, with new and overpowering disgust. Lennon, for one, couldn’t have agreed more.
     A moment later, the dream scene had completely vanished and I was laying in the darkness of my room. Quel est la date aujourd’hui?