Section 0030

     This is not the Kiefer Sutherland you remember. I imagined him digging sleeping holes like a dog would, laying on his back in the sandy red dirt and listening to our feet slide and push across floorboards. No one will ever tell you that four or five days went by before anyone began to suspect a thing. After two months, Dave and his co-workers began to complain about fatigue, headaches and sore throats.
     George laughed. “Maybe because the condition of emptiness is too shameful to be divulged.     

     Many an Irish writer has explored such paradoxes, from James Joyce, who distinguished the epiphanies for which we live from the drudgery that defines our quotidian reality, to William Butler Yeats, whose life was split between the sporadic fantasy love of his idol, Maud Gonne, and the foul rag and bone shop that was his daily existence.

     You can love and share love.

     But I digress. Dejected, he said he'd probably spend the rest of the day visiting temples and getting a beer.

    I think it's already out of hand, Farmer had replied.
     Exhaling, I pretended not to hear him. In parts of the South these new manners are evolving in a very satisfactory way, but good manners seldom make the papers.
    “See how the magic works? she hollered, her bare legs reminding him of the white bellies of two fish. Sometimes she giggled and grabbed at lights that flashed before her eyes, her eyes that glittered like the glittering eyes of birds that do not speak of these same things that we let go unsaid.

     It may be possible gradually to untwist these hanks, to lay them end to end in a neat series, to make an orderly chain of them, knot added to knot in macrame, or to crochet them into a fabric making a visible figure, a figure in the carpet.     

     —Well now, ladies and gentlemen, I suppose we’d better open the ball.